Home Remodel in Mississauga

The homeowner envisioned enhancing their property value for a lucrative sale, prompting a comprehensive home upgrade. This included installing hardwood floors, fresh paint, refined trim work, and transforming the basement into a modern, open-concept space. The goal was to maximize the home’s appeal and secure a substantial return on investment upon sale—a objective successfully achieved

I wanted to have some work done to my home before putting it on the market. I had a deadline on when it had to be sold and LDS Reno managed to meet the deadline. Louie did a fantastic job. I needed the basement complelty renovated, all my floors changed to hardwood flooring and my walls needed a fresh new paint job! LDS really came through! We are so happy with the results, even the new buyers loved it! Thank you LDS Reno, we will deffenitly be using them for future projects in our new home.

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