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    Our Remodeler In Brampton

    LDS Reno provides a wide range of remodeling and home improvment services. We are fully licensed and insured, and your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you have a need that isn’t listed in our services below, please get in contact and we’ll see if we can help.
    Wall Paneling & Wainscoting in Mississauga

    General Home Improvement Services

    As a premier Brampton Remodeler, we have the tools and experience to tackle all your home projects! See below a list of our services. Don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call or fill out an estimate form and we’ll see if we can help.

    Custom Finish Carpentry, Painting, Laminate And Hardwood Flooring Installation, Furniture Assembly, Accent Walls, Caulking, Silicone & Grout, Power Washing Services, Drywall Repair, Gutter Cleaning, Framing, Fixture Installation, Fan & Light Fixtures Installation, Lock & Hardware Installation, TV Mounting, Door Repair, Door Replacement, Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, Bedroom Remodel, Basement Remodel, Art/Mirror Hanging, and More!

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    Brampton Remodeling Services

    Every homeowner knows what it’s like to have an ever-growing to-do list of home repairs that never seem to get completed. DIY home improvement projects can be fun in theory, but in reality, they can often turn into headaches.

    That’s where our Brampton remodeling services can come in handy! Our team of licensed workers can help you with from kitchen remodels to additions of toilets and new garage builds.

    Our service area includes Brampton and the surrounding areas. If you need a remodeling contractor for your remodeling project, call today, and we’ll be happy to help.

    Local Remodeling Services in Brampton and Surrounding Areas

    LDS Reno proudly provides remodeling services to homeowners, property managers, and businesses. We run our business with integrity, providing excellent customer service and quality workmanship, which makes us one of the top remodeling service providers in the area.

    Customers call us for remodels and additions when they want the job done right. Please take a look at some of the nice things our clients have said about our work in these customer reviews.

    If you’re a homeowner with a vision of your dream home, it might be time to hire an expert remodeler to take care of it all for you.

    What Can We Do for Your Brampton Home?

    Want your home to exude your personality and eccentric taste? LDS Reno’s custom carpentry in Brampton is worth your time. With years of experience across materials, our team of skilled carpenters can build bespoke built-ins as well as intricate woodwork at any scale. So don’t waste time searching for “house painting contractors near me” on Google. Connect with the team at LDS Reno.

    If you need work done on your residence or property, the chances are good that our experts will be able to help. Our crew can handle just about anything your residence could need: such as:

    Custom Finish Carpentry: When it comes to leveraging the services of an experienced finish carpentry contractor in Brampton, look no further than LDS Reno. Whether you want sleek, modern, cozy, or rustic custom carpentry in Brampton, our team can cater to all your needs. We hand-craft custom pieces so that every furniture piece is one-of-a-kind and personalized.

    Painting: The best painting contractors in Brampton understand the true value a fresh coat of paint can bring to your home’s interior. Our residential painting services in Brampton are a cut above the rest: we use only the highest-quality paints and materials to ensure a flawless finish. Our team of skilled painters pays attention to the smallest detail so that every color and shade reflects your character and choices. Instead of searching for painting contractors near me, just opt for our services and see the difference. 

    Laminate And Hardwood Flooring Installation: We are a renowned carpentry contractor company that is adept at laminate and hardware flooring installation. We’ve perfected our technique over the years to bring to life durable and elegant flooring. Whether you prefer the classic timelessness of hardwood or the versatility of laminate, trust us to transform your space with our expert flooring installation services.

    Accent Walls: Residential painting in Brampton is so much more than adding layer after layer of paint to the walls. True to form, painting contractors in Brampton like us understand the “edge” accented walls can lend to your space. Want to make a bold statement with striped walls? Done. Wish to add texture to your walls and add vibrancy to the living room? Check. We are one of the best Brampton painting contractors who ensure every wall edge is crisp and every wall corner is perfectly painted—just as you envisioned! 

    Drywall Repair: Struggling with unsightly holes and damage in your walls? Our drywall repair services are perfect for homeowners looking to restore their walls to perfection. Whether it’s from accidental damage or wear and tear over time, we can fix and patch your wall in no time so that you don’t ever have to worry about dents, cracks, or holes again!

    Framing: Your artwork is only as good as the framing it gets. Think of it as a way to literally define the beauty of the piece. If you are worried about the right positioning of your statement art pieces, let our team take over and guide you right with our cost-effective framing services.

    Lock & Hardware Installation: You can never be too sure of your home’s security. Locks may need to be changed, you may want to install a deadbolt for added security, or you may need to have an expert come and repair the hardware. No matter what your concern is, our lock and hardware installation services can help you upgrade your home’s security with high-quality locks and hardware. 

    Door Repair: Door repairs seldom get the priority they deserve. Whether you’ve got creaking doors or doors that don’t close properly, either way, they’re a safety hazard, particularly if you have children and elders at home. Don’t put your door repair on the back burner. Opt for our door repair services and get your hinges adjusted or door frames replaced quickly. 

    Door Replacement: Tired of dealing with old, outdated doors that take away from your home’s appearance? Our door replacement services offer a solution to this common homeowner dilemma. With a wide selection of high-quality doors to choose from, we can help you upgrade your doors and enhance your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal. Sometimes, a new front door is all you need!

    Kitchen Remodel: Your kitchen is one space where the family gets together every day. If it lacks functionality or is not comfortable to spend time in, you can say goodbye to family time! Stay updated with the latest modern kitchen trends with our kitchen remodel services. Update your cabinets for better storage. Give your countertops a makeover for easier cleaning. Revamp your flooring for a fresh look. Let us help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

    Bathroom Remodel: A luxurious bathroom is the best way to treat yourself after a long, tiring day at work. You can always install custom tiles for a spa-like ambiance. Or, you can go for jazzy fixtures to make bath time enjoyable and rejuvenating! Give our bathroom remodel services a go and experience some much-needed downtime!

    Bedroom Remodel: Is your bedroom feeling cluttered and uninspiring? Perhaps you’re stuck with limited storage space, or maybe the layout no longer suits your lifestyle. Don’t let a poorly conceived layout prevent you from updating the look and feel of your personal space. Our bedroom remodel services take into account all your current personalized needs so that you can enjoy your room aesthetically and functionally.

    Basement Remodel: Your basement space is added real estate you should be making the most of! Whether it’s creating a new living space for entertaining guests, a home office for remote work, or an entertainment area for family fun, our basement remodel services will leave you pleasantly surprised! 

    Commercial Property Maintenance: Looking for commercial painting contractors in Brampton to take care of your valuable commercial property? LDS Reno’s team can help you keep up with the maintenance needs and ensure your property stays in tip-top condition. From regular landscaping to building repairs, we can create a warm, welcoming environment for your tenants and customers.

    Rental Property Maintenance: Residential painting contractors in Brampton, like LDS Reno, can breathe new life into your home’s interior and exterior. From refreshing dull-looking walls with a modern color palette to adding accents that speak volumes about your taste, our skilled painters can keep your rental property looking new all year round. We also provide regular inspections as well as repairs and upgrades. 

    Our crew can easily help you achieve your dream home, from bathroom remodels to additions. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to come to your location to determine your exact needs and provide a quote. 

    Why Choose Our Brampton Renovation Service

    We know you may have plenty of renovation services from which to choose, and we understand that it can be hard to narrow down the choices. So why choose LDS Reno?

    Fully Licensed and Insured

    If you’re going to hire people to come and work on your home, you want to hire people you can trust. We’re fully licensed and insured in our state, so you can be confident that you’re hiring a remodeler risk-free if you work with us.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We strive to run our business with integrity, providing excellent customer service and work we can be proud of–and we are proud of it. We take customer satisfaction so seriously at LDS Reno that your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

    But don’t take our word for it; see the reviews. These customer reviews left by happy clients vouch for our impressive work ethic and reliable services.

    Our wide service area includes Brampton and other neighborhoods in. Communities we cover include:

    Need Help With Your Home in Brampton?

    Our team of workers has extensive experience in turning customers’ home improvement ideas into reality. If your business or residence could use some work, we’d love to help.

    Are you tired of putting getting your dream home? Do you want some help tackling that big addition? LDS Reno a Brampton remodeling services can help!

    Reach out to our remodeling contractors in Brampton for a quote or additional information on our remodeling services, or request a free estimate online.


    Generally speaking, the average salary of carpenters for finishing carpentry in Brampton is $53,625 a year (or $27.5 an hour).

    Here are some effective tips on how to find finish carpentry contractors in Brampton:

    • Always request a proposal and the next steps from the vendor before the work begins.
    • Enquire about the tools and materials the carpenter will use.
    • Review the pricing plans and see if it fits your custom needs.
    • Conduct an online search to see what others are saying about the vendor. Look up social media handles and online reviews on the vendor’s website.

    Yes, absolutely. LDS Reno is one of the best local painting contractors in Brampton, with years of experience in staging interior paint jobs. You don’t need to move out as our team makes headway into your home’s paintwork.

    When it comes to custom carpentry contractors in Brampton, hiring an expert like LDS Reno offers several advantages, such as:

    • Expertise and Skill:Our contractors bring years of experience to the table and ensure high-quality artistry.
    • Customization:Our custom carpentry also allows for designs to be tailored to your specific needs and preferences.
    • Quality Materials: Our contractors have access to high-quality materials so that you get functional and durable pieces.
    • Efficiency: Our professionals work efficiently so that you don’t have to waste time on these kinds of complex DIY projects.
    • Safety:Another advantage you can’t put a price on is safety. Our team prioritizes your safety while ensuring that the work is done correctly and safely.
    • Professional Finish: LDS Reno contractors provide a professional finish that is unrivaled and edgy. 
    • Cost-Effective:Hiring a professional is more cost-effective in the long run, avoiding costly mistakes (literally).

    Finding the best carpentry contractor near you involves several key steps:

    • Research and Recommendations:Start by asking friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations. You can also research online for local contractors and read reviews from previous customers.
    • Check Credentials:Ensure that the contractor is licensed, insured, and has the necessary certifications for carpentry work in your area.
    • Experience and Portfolio:Look for a contractor with a solid track record of experience and a portfolio of past projects that align with your needs.
    • Get Multiple Quotes:Obtain quotes from several contractors to compare prices and services offered. Avoid choosing solely based on the lowest price; consider the overall value and reputation of the contractor.
    • Communication and Professionalism:Choose a contractor who communicates clearly, listens to your needs, and demonstrates professionalism throughout the process.
    • Visit Previous Projects:If possible, visit some of the contractor’s previous projects to see the quality of their work firsthand.

    Before painting contractors arrive, it’s essential to prepare your space to ensure a smooth and successful painting project. Here’s what you can do:

    • Clear the Area:Remove furniture, decorations, and other items from the walls and floors to provide easy access for the painters and to protect your belongings from paint splatters.
    • Protect Floors and Furniture:Cover floors with drop cloths or plastic sheeting to protect them from paint spills. Most vendors should take care of this step for you.
    • Communicate with the Contractors:Discuss the paint colors, finishes, and any specific requirements or preferences you have with the painting contractors before they start the job.
      • Secure Pets and Children:Keep pets and children away from the painting area to ensure their safety and to prevent disruptions to the painting process.

    Exterior painting contractors specialize in painting the outside of buildings, using paints and finishes that withstand weather. On the other hand, interior painting contractors focus on indoor surfaces, using paints suitable for interior spaces and considering factors like indoor air quality. As you can imagine, each requires different expertise and tools for their specific areas of work.