What do accent walls do for a room?

A wall that contrasts with other nearby walls in terms of color, tone, design, or material is known as an accent wall. Generally speaking, accent walls catch your eye and are frequently employed as the room’s main point.

Are accent walls supposed to be darker or lighter?

It’s not necessary for an accent wall to have a subdued hue. If you prefer bolder hues, you may get away with painting only one wall in your preferred color without overpowering the space. When applied correctly, the colors red, blue, green, and yellow can truly bring a space together.

Accent walls can make a room look bigger

Accent walls divide the room because they offer more elements, which enlarges it similarly to how an area rug enlarges a floor. When used as an accent wall, even darker hues that might usually make a room appear smaller will make a space feel greater.

Recent Accent Wall projects

Accent Wall Project Mississauga
Accent Walls

Accent Wall in Mississauga

Our customer wanted an accent wall installed in the kitchen/dining room area to match their living room décor. The transformation was amazing and the customer

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